Must have wordpress plugins

Are you looking for wordpress plugins which are essential to your blog or site ?

Whether you are new to WordPress or have a bunch of already published blogs and websites with wordpress, one question always pops up :

  1. Which plugins should I install to start ?
  2. There is an unending list of plugin in wordpress directory and which one to choose and which one of those will serve my purpose? 
  3. Have I covered all the important aspect of a website or blog with the plugins or have I missed anything ?

This post will list those important plugins that one must have with their wordpress website or blog. 

Before moving on to the list of plugins, I would like to list down the areas which everyone should consider and take care of before publishing every website.

  • Security : Security of your blog or website is one of the most important aspect and should be considered on high priority.
  • Spam: Spam is one of the biggest problems of any internet based service or product. In case of a blog or website it the spam comments which always bothers the site owners. In order to keep the website away from spammers, there is definitely a need to have a plugin for filtering spam comments, spam users etc.
  • Social: Publishing your website content on social sites, creating fan followers on social sites is one of the important aspect to reach to your target audience. You should have some plugin to get your website or blog published on social sites, get your follower base created through social media etc. 
  • SEO: To get more insights into visitors, or to get your blogs or website properly indexed on search engines a SEO plugin is a must.
  • STATS: Last but not the list, your will definitely be curios to know how many visitors are visiting your site, which article or page is the most visited page etc. 

Now next page will list down plugins that will cover the area mentioned above.

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