Removing webgate configuration from OHS

There are secnarios when we need to delete the webgate configuration from OHS instance and the related agent from the OAM domain as well.

For cleaning up the WebGate related configurations , follow below steps:

On Machine where OHS in Installed, go the the OHS instance dir .

cd <ohs_instance_dir>

cd config/OHS/<component_name> dir . For example in my case is : /oracle/app/admin/instance/ohs01/config/OHS/ohs01

Then delete the webgate.conf file and webgate directory .

Also delete the below line from httpd.conf file :

include  "/oracle/app/admin/instance/ohs01/config/OHS/ohs01/webgate.conf"

Restart the OHS instance.


Now, remove the respective Agent from the OAM domain.

Login to oamconsole. 

Go to >> Application Security >> Application Domains >> Click on Search .

Select the Application Domain Name which is for the webgate which need to be removed and click on delete.

Go to >> Application Security >> Agents >> Click on Search 

Select the Agent name which is needs to be removed and click on delete .

This completes the process of deleting the Agent and application domain related things. 

Restart of OAM server and Admin Server is required .

Once the Restart is done, we can try to access the resource which was previously protected by OAM, and check if the OAM login page is still coming or not.


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