Configure Multiple Node Manager On One Machine

In some scenarios, there is a requirement to have node manager running from custom location instead from default wl_home location like mentioned below:
Machine is configured for multiple domains, and each domain needs different node manager instead of same node manager.
Weblogic or Midlleware Home is present on shared storage, and hence a need to have individual node manager for each host.
For such scenarios, we can configure node manager to run from custom location instead of running from default weblogic home location.
Steps required:
First make sure that node manager is started once on the machine so that the default node manager home dir and related node manager files like file is created with default values.
Then , let assume below locations for understanding purpose:
middleware home : where all the binaries are installed : fmw_home = /oracle/fmw/fmw12c
weblogic home :  wl_home = /oracle/fmw/fmw12c/wlserver_10.3
default node manager home : nm_home = /oracle/fmw/fmw12c/wlserver_10.3/common/nodemanager
new_nm_home = /oracle/app/admin/domain/test_domain/nodemanager
Step 1 :  Copy all node manager startup dir  - wl_home/server/bin to new_nm_home
cp -r "${wl_home}/server/bin" "${new_nm_home}"
Step 2 :  copy the and  to new nm_home
cp "${wl_home}/common/nodemanager/"  "${new_nm_home}"
Step 3 :  Update the file present at new_nm_home for property : NODEMGR_HOME
sed -i -e 's#^NODEMGR_HOME=.*#NODEMGR_HOME="'${new_nm_home}'"#'g "${nm_home}/bin/"
Step 4 : Update the file present at new_nm_home for properties :
DomainFile , NodeManagerHome , StartScriptEnabled , SecureListener(optional)
sed -i -e 's#^DomainsFile=.*#DomainsFile='${new_nm_home}'/'g "${new_nm_home}/"
sed -i -e 's#^NodeManagerHome=.*#NodeManagerHome='${new_nm_home}'#'g "${new_nm_home}/"
sed -i -e 's#^StartScriptEnabled=.*#StartScriptEnabled=true#g' "${new_nm_home}/"
sed -i -e 's#^SecureListener=.*#SecureListener=false#g' "${new_nm_home}/"
Now node manager can be started from the new location :
new_nm_home/bin directory .
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