weblogic startup issues

We all must have faced issues while starting WebLogic server whether it is Admin Server or managed Server.

In most of the cases, the server logs are not helpful at all.

I am mentioning couple of very important debug flags that might help in troubleshooting weblogic startup issues.

First flags is :

-Dweblogic.StdoutDebugEnabled=true   : This flag will enable debug options for standard out messages.

In addition to above flag, below flags needs to be enables to get debug messages about life cycle related issues.

  • -Dweblogic.slc=true
    Use this flag to enable debug level traces that show status for lower-level WLS services, including starting and stopping the domainRuntimeServerService.
  • -Dweblogic.debug.DebugServerLifeCycle=true  :  Use this flag to enable debug level traces for Server Life Cycle.


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