Install Linux Virtual Machine on Windows Host

This post is about ” how to install linux virtual machine on windows host” .

In this post I am going to create linux virtual machine on windows 7 64 bit host machine. For linux operating system , I have used Oracle Red Hat Linux version 6 update  3 64 bit and for virtualization I will be using VMware workstation 10.0.1

VMware workstation is a licensed software. Instead of that Oracle VM Virtual Box can also be used. Oracle Virtual Box  is a freeware and can be downloaded from here

Oracle Red Hat Linux is also a available through download from here. This link requires you to register and create a sso account.

Installation part will be covered in three parts:

  • Capacity Planning for the Virtual Machine to be created.
  • Installation Part. 
  • Connectivity with the host machine. 

Capacity Planning:

This capacity planning depends upon the requirement for which this virtual machine is created.

Below are the specifications of the virtual machine I am going to create :

RAM or Physical Memory : 12 GB

Processor : 2 Processor with 2 threads

Disk Size : 120 GB

Below will be filesystem mount points details that will be created while creating the virtual machine. The total size of all the mount points should be equal to the disk size that is 120 GB in this case.

boot0.2204This is the boot drive
swap1818432This is SWAP File-system. It is general recommendation that SWAP
should be 1.5 time of physical RAM or it equal to RAM.
/1010240This is root mount point.
/tmp55120This is temp mount point.
/oracle8789088This is oralce file mount points for custom usage.

Note: The above filesystem sizes, RAM and Processor capacity has been choose because I will be using this virtual machine for installing oracle database and other oracle middleware products. The values of these parameters should be taken as per the Virtual Machine usage.

 Installation Steps:

Once the virtual machine specifications has been listed, we can start the installation process. This will be available on next page.

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