Optimized WordPress Themes and Blog Performance

Impact of optimized WordPress themes on blog performance.

On the basis of my observations about the site traffic and viewers engagement through my blog, i noticed that the theme I using with my blog was failing at below points:

  • Not giving me more options to customize the blog as per my content.
  • The presentation of the content was not impressive.
  • The rendering of the web page was fast enough.
  • The responsive feature of the theme was not perfect enough to provide seamless content on different devices.

So I starting searching on web for WordPress themes which can provide the above features.

After trying almost 100 of themes I came across Schema Theme from MythemeShop.

Current theme active on this blog is Schema Theme.

Now I started receiving comments about the presentation of the blog and I am receiving good traffic as well.

I can really see the difference of using good and optimized WordPress theme for my blog.

The features that really impressed me is :

Customization option for below components : Headers, Menus, Typography

Responsive feature

Fast page loading.

Ad Management Option.

All I can say is I am happy with the blog performance after using this theme.

The point where I was disappointed was that there is no option to change the Menu Background color, Footer Background Color.

The default background color for Secondary Menu ( Where my Categories are visible ) and Footer background color was black.

I need to create a child theme to change the color as my likings.

If you want to test the theme, click here .


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