Generating the Adminstrator password for WLS server


1: open a command prompt.

2: go to the %BEA_HOME%/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin dir
cd %BEA_HOME%/user_projects/domains/base_domain/bin

3: run the setDomainEnv.cmd file.
4: This will bring you to base_domain dir. Now run the following command:
java sandeep sandeep11 .

Do not forget to use the last “.” which is going to inform the utility to create the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift in the Domain_Home dir.

5: Also try to use a password with atleast 8 chars and with at least one numeric digit.

6: then rename the DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift that is already present in the %Domain_Home %/security dir to
DefaultAuthenticatorInit_old.ldift and place the newly generated DefaultAuthenticatorInit.ldift file in the %Domain_Home %/security dir.

7: Also delete the %Domain_Home %/servers/AdminServer/security/ file.

8: Rename the %Domain_Home %/servers/AdminServer/data/ldap/DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit.initialized file to DefaultAuthenticatormyrealmInit_old.initialized

9: Now you can try to start the Admin Server with through the command prompt using startWeblogic.cmd file.

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