Weblogic 12c Installation Directories Structure

Exploring Middleware Home Directory

By default, Weblogic 12c choose C:\Oracle\Middleware directory for installation on Windows.

Oracle\Middleware Directory

/ coherence_3.7Coherence home directory
/ jdk160_29Sun JDK ((Recommended for Development Mode))
/ jrockit_versionJRockit JDK (Recommended for Production Mode)
/ logsLocation for various log files about installation and uninstallation for the Middleware home directory.
/modulesLocation for modules such as Apache Ant
/ oepe_12. related to Oracle Enterprise Package for Eclipse
/ patch_ocp371 
/ patch_oepe101 
/user_projectsContains Domain
/ utilscontains utilities that are used to support the installation of all products installed in this home directory.
/ wlserver_12.1WebLogic Server home directory
.homeThis file contains the information about the Middleware home directory.
domain-registry.xmlThis registry file contains the location of all domains currently registered with this WebLogic Server installation. Whenever you add a new domain, it is registered in this file.
ocm.rspThis response file contains information about the Oracle Configuration Manager (OCM) installation.
registry.datThis registry contains product-related information, such as version number, patch set level, patch level, and location of the product installation directories. It also contains the name of the installed JDK(s) and the Java home.
registry.xmlThis is an encrypted version of the registry.xml file.

WebLogic Server Home Directory(WL_HOME): By default it is located in the Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_12.1

WebLogic Server Domain Directory

/ autodeployIn a development environment, the server will automatically deploy any applications or modules you place here. You must run the server in development mode for it to take advantage of the automatic deployment feature.
/ binContains the start and stop scripts
/ configContains the key domain configuration file, config.xml.
/ console-extContains any Administration Console extensions you’ve created
/ init-info This directory contains files that are used for WebLogic domain provisioning. You should not modify any files in this directory.
/ libYou can place JAR files in this directory so they can be available to all applications running on the domain’s server instances.
/ securityHolds security-related files such as SerializedSystemIni.dat.
/ serversThis is an important directory that contains a separate subdirectory for each of the servers in your domain, including both Admin and Managed Servers.


Note while creating  the Middleware home directory:

  • Do not include spaces in the name of your Middleware home directory otherwise the CLASSPATH may not be resolved properly.
  •  You can install only one instance of each version of a WebLogic Server product in a single Middleware home directory. For example, you can install only one instance of the current version of WebLogic Server in a Middleware home directory, but you can have an earlier version of WebLogic Server in a separate Middleware home directory.
  • If the home directory is not empty and it does not contain registry.xml, or if any of the product installation directories are not empty, one of the following messages is displayed:

For home directory selection task—Middleware home directory is not empty. Proceed with installation?

For product installation directory selection task—One or more installation directories are not empty. Proceed with installation?


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