Starting the Managed Server Using Node Manager and WLST

Weblogic 12c


The steps for starting the Managed  Server  using WLST and Node Manager are as follows :

i)  Setting up your environment.

Add WebLogic Server classes to the CLASSPATH environment variable and WL_HOME\server\bin to the PATH environment variable.  OR

You can use a  C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_12.1\server\bin\setWLSEnv.cmd  script to set both variables.


ii)  Start WLST Session using command : java weblogic.WLST

iii)  Start Node Manager using command :

                         startNodeManager(verbose=’true’, NodeManagerHome=’C:\\Oracle\\Middleware\\wlserver_12.1\\common\\nodemanager’, ListenPort=’5556′, ListenAddress=’localhost’)

iv) Connect WLST to a Node Manager by entering the nmConnect command.

nmConnect(‘weblogic’, ‘weblogic123’, ‘localhost’, ‘5556’, ‘base_domain’ , ‘C:\\Oracle\\Middleware\\user_projects\\domains\\base_domain’ , ‘ssl’)

note: Node Manager security relies on a one-way SSL connection between the client and server.If you are establishing a command line connection to the Java Node Manager using the WebLogic Server Scripting Tool (WLST) nmConnect command, you provide the Node Manager user name and password(here weblogic and weblogic123 respectively). Node Manager verifies the username and password against the domain’s file.Node Manager credentials are located on the Security>General>Advanced Options of Console page.Administration Console users do not need to explicitly provide credentials to connect to Node Manager—the Node Manager user name and password are available in the domain configuration and are provided automatically.


v) Use the nmStart command to start a server.

Monitor the status of the Administration Server by entering the nmServerStatus command.

vi) Connect WLST to a running WebLogic Administration Server instance using the connect command.

vii) To start a Managed Server or cluster, enter the following command:
         start(‘mycluster’, ‘Cluster’)

viii) Stop the server by entering the nmKill command.


ix) Stop the AdminServer by entering the nmKill command.

  x) Disconnect the node manager :     nmDisconnect()   and   Exit the WLST:     exit()

note:  To find node manager process :
For windows
netstat -ao| findstr 5556
TCP    ajit:5556              ajit:0                 LISTENING       1900

here : PID – 1900.

For Linux/unix :

netstat -an | grep -v grep | grep weblogic.NodeManager



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