Deploy application on weblogic server

Deploy application on weblogic server 12c


Steps to Deploy Application using Administration Console

1. Start the Admin Server and Managed Server.

How to start Admin Server.  click here

How to start Managed Server. click here

2. Navigate to Administration console  http://localhost:7001/console and login.

3. Navigate to Domain Environment –> Deployments. Lock the console.

4. click the ‘Install’ button.

5. Browse to the location on your file system and select Application (war, jar, ear) File . Click the radio button next to the .war file and click ‘Next’ .

6. ‘Install this deployment as an application’  is selected. Click ‘Next’.

7. Select deployment targets

8.  Click ‘Next’ again to accept the defaults in this next pane.

9. Then click ‘Finish’.

10. Click the ‘Save’ button and Activate Changes by clicking on button on left as shown in screen below. The application has been ‘prepared’, but not yet deployed at this point.


11. Again navigate to the Domain Structure –> ‘Deployments’ link. In the Summary of Deployments, check the box next to your application  and click the ‘Start’ button. Select ‘Servicing all requests’. Click Yes to continue.


12. If the state of your deployment says ‘Active’, you have successfully deployed your Web application to Weblogic.

 Test application  deployment using Weblogic Administration Console


1. Navigate to  Domain Structure –>’Deployments’.

2. In the Summary of Deployments page, click on the name of the deployed Web application.

3. Select the ‘Testing’ tab .  Click the link to launch it .


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