weblogic server domain creation

Creating a new domain in Weblogic Server 12c

  1. To create a new domain, go to %BEA_HOME%/wlserver_12.1\common\bin .For example C:\Oracle\Middleware\wlserver_12.1\common\bin

2. Then run config.cmd (config.sh incase of Linux versions) file. This will bring the following screen.

3. Click on Next. Select the option: “Generate a domain configured automatically…”

4.Specify Domain Name and Location .

5. Give Administrator User Name and Password.(Password should be = > 8)

6. Select the Development mode.

7. Select Administration Server

8. Configure the Administration Server

Name : AdminServer

Listen address: All Local Addresses

Listen port: 7001

9. Click Create

10. Click Done  (Uncheck “start Admin Server” )

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