Create and Configure Weblogic Server Machine

Weblogic Machine Configuration

Create a New Machine On Weblogic Server 12c

1.      Navigate to Domain Structure –> Environment –> Machines. Lock the console.

2.      Specify the following properties in the “ Create a New Machine ” page.

          Name:  Machine-0

          Machine OS: Other  (For Windows)

 Click Next

3.      Configure the Node Manager on this machine.

         Type:   SSL

         Listen Address:  localhost

         Listen Port: 5556

    Click Finish

4.      Machine created successfully. Activate the changes.


Configure  Machine On Weblogic Server 12c  (Assign Server to the weblogic Machine)

5.      Click The Machine name Machine-0  ( Navigate to Domain Structure –> Environment –> Machine ) Under “Summary of Machines”

6.      Click The “Server” tab under “Configuration” tab.

7.      Click Add under the “Server” tab. Select a server:   Server-0 from the drop down.

8.      Click Finish

Activate the Changes



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