Weblogic 12C

Weblogic 12c does not have plug-in directory.

Oracle has announced to change the naming convention of the web server plug-in that were provided with the weblogic server installation .

Previously Web Server Plug-In versions was categorized as :

Web Server Plug-In version 1.0: For all the plug-in modules provided with weblogic server prior to Weblogic 10g ( till 10.3.X)

Weblogic Server Plug-In version 1.1:   Foll all the plug-in modules provided with weblogic server 11g.

Now, as per the latest announcement Web Server plug-in will be assigned the corresponding Weblogic version .

e.g. Weblogic Serer plug-in for weblogic 11g will be referred to as Web Server Plug-in version 11g.

The WLS 10g plug-ins are bundled with WebLogic Server installers.

WLS 11g and higher plug-ins are not bundled with WebLogic Server installers. They are made available separately for download and installation.

This is the reason Weblogic 12c does not contain plug-in directory.

Latest version of Web Server Plug-in, i.e. WebLogic Web Server  plug-in 11g can be downloaded from below location :


WebLogic Server Plug-in 12c has not been released yet.






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