Managed Weblogic Server

Weblogic Managed Servers:

In this post I will be providing some basic idea about the Weblogic Domain and its component called Managed Weblogic Server.

What is Weblogic Domain?

A domain is the basic administration unit for WebLogic Server instances. A domain consists of one or more WebLogic Server instances (and their associated resources such as JDBC resource or JMS resource) that can be managed with a single Administration Server.

A minimal domain can contain only one WebLogic Server instance, which functions both as an Administration Server, and as a Managed server. This instance is called as Weblogic Administration Server or Weblogic Admin Sever.

As it is the only instance present in domain so this Weblogic Admin Server can also be used as Managed Weblogic Server.

Below figure Fig.1 , shows a minimal Weblogic domain containing only one Admin Server.

Fig.1 Weblogic domain with Admin Server only.


Till now I hope, the concept of Weblogic Domain is clear.

As terms Weblogic Admin Server and Weblogic Managed Server has been used, let me explain each of them separately.

Weblogic Admin Server OR Weblogic Administration Server:

The minimum requirement for a Weblogic Domain to exist is that it must contain one Administration Server. This Weblogic Server Instance is basically used for the Administrative purpose of complete Weblogic domain.

This Admin Server can also be used for the purpose of deployment of applications along with Administrative purpose and in that case the Admin Server is acting as Managed Weblogic Server instance.

Managed Weblogic Server:

Any other server instance other than Administrative Server of a Weblogic domain is called as Managed Weblogic Server. Managed Servers host the components and associated resources that constitute the applications—for example, JSPs and EJBs.

Below figure Fig. 2 Shows A Weblogic Domain with 1 Admin Server and 1 Managed Server on a Single Machine.

Weblogic domain with Admin Server and one Managed Server.

Fig.2 Weblogic domain with Admin Server and one Managed Server.

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