OBIEE & BIP Installation Procedure

* Use X Manager / other X window utility to access the remote server

  • export DISPLAY=<IP of client machine>:0.0
  • Check the remote access using utilities like xclock, xhost

* Connect to the OBIEE server and run the file from the extracted OBIEE location.

  • $./


* OBIEE Installation wizard will be activated and it continues as below and Press “Next >”

* Provide the OBIEE BI and OBIEE BI Data folder location (which been created in Pre-Installation procedure) and Select the “Basic” mode of installation type.

* Select the “Complete” as installation setup type.

* Select the JDK location and provider OC4J administrator password.

  • Ensure JDK is greater than 1.5 (64 bit)
  • No need to work on OC4J level configuration, as we are moving the EAR/ WAR from Oc4J to Weblogic. Only this password (OC4J) is need for the alternative approach to Weblogic.

* Click on “Next >” on the continuing screens:

* On Installation success screen, click on “Next >” on for continuing:

* By default in Basic mode, OC4J (Oracle Container for J2EE) will be started.

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