Steps to create self sign certificates for weblogic server

Step 1: Create a public/private key pair in a JKS file name privatekey.jks file.

You can change the attribute name according to your requirement.

keytool -genkey -alias Sandeep -keyalg RSA -dname “CN=Singh, OU=gbs, O=bea, L=abc, ST=ind, C=in” -keypass keypass -storepass storepass -validity 999 -keystore C:bea92user_projectsdomainsBatch2EvalClient-certnewprivatekey.jks

Step 2: self signing the certificate


keytool -selfcert -v -alias Sandeep -keypass keypass -keystore C:bea92user_projectsdomainsBatch2EvalClient-certnewprivatekey.jks -storepass storepass -storetype jks

Step 3: Exporting the certificate from the keystore into a DER file.


keytool -export -v -alias Sandeep -file rootca.der -keystore C:bea92user_projectsdomainsBatch2EvalClient-certnewprivatekey.jks -storepass storepass

Step 4: Creating a trust for the above certificate in trust.jks file

keytool -import -v -trustcacerts -alias Singh -file rootca.der -keystore C:bea92user_projectsdomainsBatch2EvalClient-certnewtrust.jks -storepass storepass

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