how to configure Self sign certificate on weblogic server.

In order to configure SSL on a weblogic server, it is required that the server is configured for the private keys, digital certificates.

Weblogic server uses JKS format(Java key store) to store private keys and digital certificates.
This is called a keystore file.

Weblogic requires two keystore files for configuring SSL.
1. A identity.jks file:
2. A trust.jks file:

Identity.jks file: This keystore file stores the private key and the digital certificate that establishes the identity of the server.

Trust.jks file : This keystore stores the root certificate signed by the Trusted authority and establishes the trust of the certificate stored in the identity.jks file.

There are two options for configuring the SSL on weblogic server:
1: Using self sign certificates( This should be used only in development mode)
2: Using CA signed certificates:

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